Toucan teaches sharp and to the point communication to get your message across when needed, lending his strength and confidence in the process. Dare to be different, exciting and bold as he will add more color to all areas of your life. He will show how to do this while balancing vitality with grounding properties. Toucan shows that you can be vocally strong with all of the resources you have. Are you a writer? He will teach the art of the written and spoken word. He will show there are more resources available. The call of the Toucan alerts to the steps you need to take toward a goal. He exhibits friendliness along with resilience, patience and the ability to tap into your own inner wisdom. Toucan medicine reminds you to eat more fruits, nuts and berries to help balance your diet. The time period for Toucan's lessons is 17-20 days in which he will direct you toward awakening your life with a vibrancy and renewed anticipation for daily life.

Toucan's Wisdom Includes:

  • Dexterity
  • Agility
  • Ability to move to and from the soul world
  • Proper use of color in healing
  • Ability find peace in small places