Tarantula medicine maintains a balance from past to present and helps in creativity and inspiration. She aids understanding of illusions and reality as well as spiritual and physical balancing. Tarantula awakens sensibilities and the power of movement; slow, steady and carefully while staying focused on the center of things. This spider shows a calm gentleness and strength and will remind you of this pattern. Mediation and centering will help calm the mind and spirit to hear her messages. She also will aid in communications and the written word. Be aware and move with strength and confidence. Are you creating to your fullest potential? Spider will teach the infinite possibilities of creative manifestation and the delicate strength of this balance. She shows the art of attuning your senses and feeling subtle vibrations of your surroundings.

Tarantula's Wisdom Includes:

  • Ability to shed the outer skin (masks) and transform
  • Creativity
  • Spinning a web to entrap enemies
  • Defense of territory
  • Intimidation by size
  • Use of environment to conceal oneself