Swans show true beauty of self, expression of the power of grace and how the inner beauty of others is reflected within you. He aids in awakening your inner power for spiritual progression and developing intuition. He shows how to move through emotions along with sensitivity and empathy towards others. Swan teaches awareness to move in spiritual and physical realms along with healing and transformation for you soul growth. Are you listening to your heightened intuition? Are you trusting your hunches and feelings? She teaches the mystery of song, poetry and communication with grace and style and illuminates the beauty within. It's time for you to know more about your beautiful self, your self-worth and the awareness of the love within your heart. It is time to express yourself with grace and style.


Swan's Wisdom Includes:

  • Awakening the power of self
  • Understanding dream symbols
  • Seeing into the future
  • Understanding spiritual evolution
  • Developing intuitive abilities
  • Divination
  • Grace in dealing with others