Swallow teaches the power of objectivity, community fellowship, and communications in a group environment. He can teach discernment and proper actions to avoid threats with tenacity, style and class. Swallow shows how to think quickly, react appropriately and use the power of thoughts to manifest ideals. This animal will aid in your in own nesting instincts to create something from nothing. Ingenuity, determination and innate skills will help capture what is necessary for you to succeed. Swallows are masters of the air and will show how to move with utmost grace with agility and style. Are you moving with the flow of thoughts and ideals? Are you working in cooperation with others? Swallow shows how love and communication paired with trust can do the most good. It is time to renew the environment around you and ride the favorable air currents and tailwinds to stay above anything that comes your way.

Swallow's Wisdom Includes:

  • Closely related to the Thunderbird
  • Power of communal living
  • Understands the value to family and home
  • Protection
  • Agility
  • Ability to maneuver
  • Connection to the arrival of thunderstorms