Stingrays show how to maneuver with grace, style and elegance in the watery depths of emotions. Stingray will teach the importance of undulating and persistent movements in life. He will demonstrate the importance of regularly cleaning and cleanliness; to clear and maintain the clutter at home and work, to clean, balance and center your emotional and spiritual beingness. Stingrays teach the art of camouflage and blending in. Are you acclimating to your surroundings? Stingray's adaptation abilities will aid in transitions. This is also a time to drink plenty of fresh water and pay attention to salt and overall food intake. Stingray will show the balance of nutritional needs. Are you being too defensive or not being defensive enough? He will show how and when to use the venomous spines to strike effectively. Have you started a new endeavor recently? He shows that in 2-4 months ideas will come to fruition and be alive with possibilities. Stingray shows that movements in life must be balanced with sharp action and graceful tenacity.

Stingray's Wisdom Includes:

  • Ability to swim slowly through emotional waters
  • Positive use of size in one’s life
  • Understanding differences