Snail teaches to move smoothly in your surroundings. Many qualities of Slug apply (see above); pacing oneself, persistence, perseverance, focus, determination and strength. Snail shows that taking small steps is the way to reach current goals. Ease of navigation through life's obstacles, tenacity and holding power and the art of timing. Pay close attention to your feelings and inner knowings. Is it time to retreat and rest? Or is time to come out of your shell and go forth? Snail demonstrates the proper use of defense mechanisms, the power of letting go, and the ability to cushion oneself in life's circumstance especially on the home front. It may be a time to be more protective and nurturing and beautify the surroundings and home with sensory stimuli. Snail teaches flexibility and completion of endeavors along with balancing emotions and equalizing one's duality. Slowing down will bring balance and harmony and restore peace within. When snail comes to you it offers an opportunity to show a graceful balance in life is possible.

Snail/Slug's Wisdom Includes:

  • Importance of keeping yourself mobile
  • Understands the value of leaving a trail
  • Ability to use slow movement to ones advantage
  • Defence through retreat
  • Understands the value of humor