Skates are very similar to Stingrays, however there are a few differences in the tail, fins and sizes of these cousins. Many qualities of Stingray medicine still applies. However, the uniqueness of Skate teaches less mobility in your actions and endeavors. Perhaps it is a time to safely contemplate your next direction. He will show the importance of meditation and the power of awareness in your surroundings. It is time to carefully observe while the seeds (the eggs) of new ventures are being planned. Skate demonstrates showing how to display and use the many "thorns" that are available. Are you using your presence, your voice, your assertiveness when you should? Are you in need of a "thicker skin" to deal with life's situations? Skate shows discernment, aids in communication and knowing when to act. He also teaches the power of observation, awareness and heightened senses so that you may move with grace and style.