Sea Hare

Sea Hare, which is a type of Sea Slug, teaches to smoothly move in emotional waters. He shows how to move in a slow and steady pace by grounding in attitudes and principles all the while taking small steps toward the goal. Slug properties also apply: the power of letting go of harmful thoughts, ideals and emotions along with teaching navigational abilities. He remains balanced and steadfast. He will teach how to follow intuition and instincts by an extremely heightened sense of "smell" so follow the faintest scent to discover the root and/or cause. Sea Hare guides movement in the emotional world. Listen to your dreams. Sea Hare uses camouflage matching the surroundings. Are you blending in? He helps discern when to use defenses when threatened. The color of Sea Hare is the color of what it eats. Pay attention to the color. Observe and incorporate its colors into your wardrobe and surroundings for connective energies. You are what you eat - are you eating a balanced diet? Communication is emphasized as Sea Hare provides a quiet confidence and strength. Your current cycle corresponds to the solar radiation of the sunspot cycle. Can you find a pattern to the past? He will help recognize and heal this part of you.

Sea Slug's Wisdom Includes:

  • Renewal through shedding ones outer skin
  • Transmutation
  • Protection through reputation
  • Use of color to warn