Sea Butterfly

Sea Butterfly is a type of snail that teaches to swim freely in emotional waters, letting go and floating along with the currents of life. She is sometimes known as a Sea Angel. This creature teaches the art of listening to intuition that guides movement in the depths of the emotional world. Moving with grace and flexibility, she flies and floats taking in emotional and spiritual nourishment. She teach passivity but also being aggressive when needed. With or without a shell, she is nonetheless delicate and translucent. Since it is nearly colorless, she shows how to utilize transparency, discernment, seeing through the core issue. Take opportunities to be around others as they will help uplift you in knowledge and wisdom. Sea Butterfly teaches flexibility along with balancing emotions and equalizing one's duality. She aids in transcending to higher levels especially in regards to what is hidden and anything connected to dream time. She also has grounding lower realm properties as well as ethereal ones. She can teach movement between these worlds. Time span is typically a 24 hour cycle. When Sea Butterfly comes to you it offers an opportunity to show a graceful balance in life with great potential for progression in all aspects of your life.