Scrub Jay

Scrub Jay teaches lessons of adaptation to situations and learning quickly with a high intelligence. He gives access to memories long forgotten and shows how to assimilate them into awareness. There may be feelings of joy and guilt that accompany this growth trend. He shows how to balance the feelings and emotions using Deer Medicine. Awareness is only part of the transition, the other part is finding heart-centered compassion. Scrub Jay medicine can show new perspectives that have great potential. He aids in planning for the future, protecting what you have, resourcefulness and ingenuity. Protect what is closest to you. Bold and inquisitive Scrub Jay has a penchant for investigating, adapting and learning new ideas and concepts. His creative intelligence uncovers sacred interconnections with all things. Mental growth aids spiritual growth. Scrub Jay demonstrates that anything of value takes work. It is daily activation of internal resources. Knowledge is collected so future wisdom comes to light. Is it time to set new goals? Envision it and pick the pieces into small ones to completion. He supports strong communication abilities while exercising judgment, care, and diplomacy. He will aid in finding the right words to say when it is time. Pay attention to throat health. Scrub Jay shows that play and humor balances more serious issues. Connect with plants, trees and flowers. The time period for Scrub Jay's lessons starts manifesting within 17 days. His medicine culminates quickly 18 days later. In one month, emotional and spiritual maturity is noticeable and bonds are strengthened. Lessons now have a life span of nine years or more. This is very long lasting transformative time.