Scallop's lessons are nearly the same as Clam with core lessons of balancing the many aspects of our life such as finding harmony in thoughts, actions and emotions as well as finding opportunities while moving with patience. *Please read Clam for more insight. One of the subtle difference that Scallop teaches is movement by opening up; in mind, spirit and emotionally. Scallop shows the importance of how being open to what life brings and taking advantage of key opportunities. It is not a time to hide, it is a time to be visible and to use your strength, energy and determination to reach your goal. It is the perfect time to start anew with flavor and zest. The balance of opening and closing oneself in life is a valuable gift that Scallop will help you perfect. Scallop can aid in using emotions to advance and gain new understanding of circumstances and situations. Are you expressing your emotions for further development? Are you expressing too much or too little? Scallop shows how to utilize and maximize what you see in the world to its fullest potential. Be aware and listen to perceptions and intuition as Scallop propels you forward. Scallop medicine will help in balancing as you continue onward in your journey.