Sand Dollar

Coordinated action, movements and motivation. Rigid exterior is needed. Sand Dollar shows that constant change is expected and there is freedom in this movement. She aids in the stages of metamorphosis and the new stages coming your way. Tests will begin to appear, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Her colors will help guide, green-healing, blue-emotional or purple-spiritual. She shows how to make the transition from surface to burrowing actions. What is just under the surface? Are you streamlining your activities? Sand Dollar demonstrates the power of likes and similarities. Are you socializing with like-gendered friends? Sand Dollar will teach much on internal fortitude in your transformation in all areas of your life.

Sand Dollar's Wisdom Includes:

  • Connection to the Stars
  • Recognition of cycles
  • Return to the beginning
  • Honouring ones life cycle
  • Ability to survive storms
  • Fragility