Transformation of the spirit, shows how to feel and sense others, will help clarify issues in life. Fish in general show how to swim the currents of life, use of intuition to navigate effectively, aids in attuning to the world of emotions, the un/subconscious and other-worlds, heightened senses including visions, dreams and related psychic abilities. Salmon teaches using intuitions and instincts and listening to the stillness. Do you currently feel stuck? Salmon demonstrates a time to rest and a time to move. Salmon can show how to swim into new adventures. She teaches survival, migration and movement, journeys, beginnings and endings. Which stage are you currently in? Salmon shows how to cope with physical transformation during this transition time. Salmon's lesson covers 1-3 months so have patience as you adapt. She will show how to integrate the changes with a perfect sense of timing as well as finding where you truly belong. Salmon will guide you in this journey of the mind, body and spirit.

Salmon's Wisdom Includes:

  • Value of returning home to regenerate
  • Swimming upstream through emotional waters to gain insight
  • Understanding divination messages
  • Rebirth of spiritual knowledge