Red Kite

Red Kite teaches visionary power and clear sight with strong observation habits while using patience…effortless patience. She teaches the art of maneuverability and finesse to reach goals and feeding the spirit and your life with much needed nourishment. Is Red Kite a predator or scavenger? She demonstrates the utmost timing for the perfect opportunities that are coming your way. Red Kite provides the much needed balance for action and non-action as well as masculine and feminine energies. Heightened psychic abilities will aid in duality awareness. Her medicine speaks of maneuvering in the spiritual world and physical world in which she aids in grounding, clarity of thought, listening to intuition along with exposing sub/unconscious activities. Pay attention. Meditate and exercise on the mind-body connection. Red Jasper is a good meditational connecting stone. Attend to what has been started. Watch for synchronous connections with new people. Old relationships may become more solidified. She speaks of longevity in these areas so have patience. She helps in building a solid base with strong roots. Focus on the spiritual and physical "home". She enhances vitality during these significant changes in your life. The results of Red Kite's guidance will fully align with your purpose. It will take about 38 days to incorporate her lessons and about 30 additional days for the wisdom or action to come to fruition. Red Kite's medicine will aid to illuminate truths with strength, vitality, and gracefulness.