Ptarmigan (Willow Grouse)

Ptarmigan demonstrates the strength of family relationships and attachments to others. He shows how to balance masculine and feminine energies whether it be personal or with others around you. He teaches to be overall neutral in actions and be more dominant when needed. Ptarmigan gives instructions on the art of camouflage and blending in. He knows the three stages of change that will ultimately give color to your life. Grounding, movement, timing and letting go of the past are aspects of his teachings. Ptarmigan has high insulating properties as well as teaching how to lightly tread on others emotions. He shows how to walk carefully in mind and spirit. Pay attention to diet; eat more fruit, vegetables and fiber to help integrate Ptarmigan's energy. Time period for Ptarmigan's medicine is about a month. Seven to ten days new things appear. Be mindful of the subtleties. After about 3 weeks developments will be very noticeable as you incorporate his messages. He will assist during this swift adjustment with balance and grace. What he teaches now will have effects over the next two years as you reach another level of spiritual maturity.