Praying Mantis

Power of calmness, stillness, silence, time of meditation, inner reflection, stillness in healing or in creativity, teaches how to manipulate surroundings with skill, direct the body's energy to empower the body. Are you taking some quiet time for yourself? Are you being patient with those around you? Are you moving toward your goals? However slow it may take, patience and perseverance is the key. Are you allowing the time to stop and pause in between tasks? Are listening carefully to yourself, others and your surroundings - in other words are you paying attention? Praying Mantis can teach you how to balance these energies.

Mantis's Wisdom Includes:

  • Ability to manipulate time
  • Power to move between moments
  • Understanding of the circular nature of time
  • Power of stillness
  • Female warrior energy
  • Attack strategy