Polar Bear

Polar Bear deals with death, birth and transformation of a mystical quality, teaches strength in adversity and endurance in situations, ability for sustenance and endurance through introspection and solitude, can show how to tap into emotions with clarity. Polar Bear teaches how to be aggressive and forthright to achieve your dreams and empower your thoughts and ideals. He demonstrates the power of observation and movement with perfect timing. Are you conserving your strength and energy and/or putting it to good use? Polar Bear Spirit teaches this balance for survival as you are guided to walk in light and truth at this time. He will teach how to walk on the "ice" of life with grace and a lightness.

Polar Bear's Wisdom Includes:

  • Ability to navigate along the Earth’s magnetic lines
  • Introspection
  • Solitude
  • Expert swimmer through emotional waters
  • Finding one way back from the brink
  • Ability to find sustenance in barren landscapes
  • Strength in the face of adversity
  • Communication with Spirit
  • Dreams
  • Death and rebirth
  • Transformation
  • Creature of dreams, shamans, mystics and visionaries
  • Defense and revenge