The lessons of Oyster are nearly the same as what Clam teaches. The core lesson is about balancing the numerous aspects of our lives. Finding harmony in the emotions, equalizing actions and following your inner guidance. *Please read Clam for more insight. There are subtle differences that only Oyster specialize in and can teach. Opening to beliefs, attitudes and widening perceptions may be needed. Oyster teachers the allowance of incoming information to nurture and sustain, heightens the quality of discernment along with filtering what is needed and not needed for overall health. Oyster aids in recognizing where and when to lay foundations. Are you relocating? Someone new in your life? Undertaking a new project? It is time to solidify what has begun. Beginning something new has great potentials. The highly transformative ability of Oyster will assist in the changes within a few weeks and lasting quite possibly for lifetime. Use your intuition and follow your heart for wisdom. Endeavors will be well grounded. Oyster medicine aids with growth potentials also with adaptive behaviors. Whatever shape your life is taking right now, Oyster will teach in finding the perfect balance and harmony and to lend resources for creating solidity in your life.

Oyster's Wisdom Includes:

  • Ability to filter out life’s static
  • Understands when to close doors to prevent energy loss
  • Sensitivity to environmental changes
  • Maintenance of outer wall of protection