Oxpecker birds have the ability to perch expertly on others ideas and ventures. The know how to "ride" through life and its circumstances to form a mutual relationship, whether it be with people, animals or everyday issues. Oxpecker has the balance to maintain stability in all areas. This bird is an expert at "digging things out". This animal has a natural alert system for protecting the host animal. Are you using your voice and communication abilities to the best of your ability? Are you utilizing your skills? Perhaps it is time to observe. He can teach how to get to the root of any problem or situation which may be beneficial to many. He can also show how to take care to not cause more harm than good. He teaches a balance of a parasitic vs symbiotic behaviors. The art of give and take. The Oxpecker teaches how to have a strong direct flight and when landing, how to have strong feet to solidify your potential. Oxpecker has many valuable lessons and skills to teach.