Oriole shows new occurrences in life and brings a sense of joy to the world. He helps discover the inner child and the relation to all things in the nature realm. Orioles have a beautiful song and will teach you to sing your own song from the tree tops. It may be time to pay attention to your diet. Are you eating fruits and vegetables? Oriole will teach how to make these better food choices. Orioles are master weavers using surrounding resources. Are you utilizing your own resources? He will teach to use what is available and show you other possibilities. Oriole eggs are incubated 11-14 days so be aware of the wonderful opportunities in this time period and take them when the appear. Oriole will teach by listening to the heart, you will sing your song with the joy of many possibilities.

Oriole's Wisdom Includes:

  • Connection to tree spirits
  • Ability to see how all life is woven together
  • Facilitates connection to the Little People
  • Joy