Nuthatch teaches grounding of spiritual energies along with faith and trust in the realms of spiritual and physical. Nuthatch shows how to move in many directions in search for spiritual and mental "food", sometimes head first is needed but rest assured, Nuthatch will also show how to hang on with amazing agility. Nuthatch is also a bird of ingenuity. Perhaps it is time to be creative and find solutions in new areas? Do you need to crack something open before your reap rewards? Nuthatch can demonstrate rebuilding or refurbishing your own dwelling to suit you better. Is it a mental/emotional overhaul or a physical/construction one? In any case, he will bring attention to details in moving from one phase to another. It is time be sharp and aware.

Nuthatch's Wisdom Includes:

  • Ability to view things reversed
  • Courage of the one in the face of the masses
  • Ability to move ideas from thought to practice
  • Connection to Woodpecker