The sweet song of the Nightingale gives inspiration as a harbinger of a personal dawn. She guides one into seeing the importance in the connection to old beliefs and thoughts. It is time to take authority of your mind. She teaches the nocturnal song and brings to the light what is mysterious and hidden. What is learned in the "night' is to be incorporated into the "day". She shows how to move throughout different consciousness and use inspirations of higher realms while keeping grounded. Nightingale balances masculine and feminine energies along with balancing dietary elements. It is time to sing loudly - above the cacophony of the mind chatter and above what others think and say. Timid and shy at times, she can show how to act with grace and elegance. In regards to parental love, timidity changes to a brave ferocity. Nightingale will show the balance between the two. Are you sharing what you know, acting what you believe?

Nightingale's Wisdom Includes:

  • Proper use of song in healing
  • Using vibrational energy to see in shadow
  • Use of song in moving through fear
  • Connection with the Moon