Mussel teaches many of the lessons of its Clam cousin; balancing thoughts, emotions and perceptions and expressions of energy. The subtle lessons that Mussel teach is one of being an individual while being in the crowd. Mussel allows personal expression of gender, ideas and emotions paired with the security of/by and with others. She aids in being true to oneself. She shows how to enact an inner transformation. She teaches how to attach oneself to strong beliefs, convictions and decisions and choices to weather the ebb and flow of the force of life. A network of family and friends is important to provide strength as mussel will demonstrate. Mussel shows how inner strength anchors to a solid foundation. Rewards are great with patience if you listen. She reminds you that you are never alone. Is it time to let go of outgrown values, ideals, beliefs and/or relationships? Mussel can teach this principle of letting go. This process can take 3-6 week before finally settling down. Mussel will help you adjust and how to flourish in the best place that suits your needs. She can help with the three stages of change; what is old and outdated, awareness and realization, and empowering the new with a solid action with confidence. Mussel helps balance the mind, body and spirit and creates a spiritual, emotional and psychological healthy base of being.

Clam/Mussel's Wisdom Includes:

  • Ability to siphon energy
  • Living within the Earth
  • Balance
  • Symbiosis
  • Connection to mud
  • Going within