Mosquito reminds you to listen to the lessons you are experiencing. She shows how to listen to the patterns in your life so that you can fill nourished and fulfilled once again. She demonstrates the art of timing: movement and progression, rest and relaxation. What should you be doing? It may be a period of increased creativity and new endeavors. Mosquito medicine demonstrates the power of positive and negative energies. She shows how to transform personal attitudes and aids in recognizing attitudes of others. What is draining your energy? She shows spiritual and emotional nourishment is needed. Be strong and forthright. Fully trust your intuition, listen to your emotions and body reactions or it may "sting and itch" later. Mosquito offers opportunities to revitalize your spirit, take them when they appear. Her lessons span about 14 days. She shows how to move easily through the first three stages of egg, larva, and pupa. In the last stage she shows a time of rest. Although she is little in size, Mosquito has big medicine to teach.

Mosquito's Wisdom Includes:

  • Using water to transform
  • Drawing energy inside one self
  • Controlling energy flow in one direction