Teaches expression of nature and sensitivity one surroundings, alertness and awareness of what is happening around you, aids in self-introspection. shows how to find hidden parts of your spiritual being, teaches to listen and feel carefully while using intuition. Mole teaches lessons of grounding and working toward a goal. Are you truly listening to others and circumstances? Listen beyond the obvious, trust your intuition on this. Are you eating right?

Mole's Wisdom Includes:

  • Guardian of the lower regions
  • Connection with the energies of the Earth
  • Knowledge of herbs, roots, minerals, seeds, rivers, and other hidden bounties of the earth
  • Ability to turn inward
  • Introspection and blindness to all but light and dark in the material world
  • Love expressed in nature
  • Sensitivity to touch and vibration (the kinesthetic sense)
  • Understanding of energies and fluxes