Meadowlark indicates a time of cheerfulness, joy and easier times ahead. She shows how to move with determination, focus and tenacity and how to use your power to its fullest potential. At this time there is an inner magic to be discovered. Meadowlark teaches use of intuition that will aid in understanding the connection to all things. She will guide in this new awakening to your inner self. She balances grounding with the earth and flying as you walk your path. Are you listening carefully to your own song? The spiritual journey ebbs and flows, are you grounding and balancing your energy appropriately? She represents the masculine sun and the sacred feminine moon; it's about the beauty in balance in which you will find contentment and peace within your own duality. She shows the merging qualities of beliefs, philosophies and perceptions. Pay attention to dreams and visions as you will find reiterations of those during the day. Meadowlark supports creation of quiet moments and taking time for you. Give yourself some space. She will instruct how to do so. She also teaches how to be forthright and aggressive when necessary in order to preserve your thoughts, and ideals. The art of camouflage and blending in may be needed as well as using quick sharp movements. Is it time to move or rest? Meadowlark's medicine is about brightening your world, singing your own song, foraging for knowledge and having confidence in connecting with your sacred inner light. Emphasis on home space and attention to surroundings, being in the moment, enjoy where you are spiritually and emotionally. You are starting a new phase within your inner self. Meadowlark will teach much and bring new surprises when you least expect it. It is the Spring time of your spiritual development. Meadowlark's lessons occur in two quick stages; learning/absorbing in about 15 days with an incorporating/reflecting time within 12 days for lifelong impact. Pay attention and listen carefully. Her song is ancient and filled with wonder.

Meadowlark's Wisdom Includes:

  • The power of song
  • Understanding the use of voice
  • Clarity
  • Happiness
  • Meditating on oneself
  • Going inward to find answers