Marlin shows the power of being alone with confidence that demonstrates an inward peaceful strength. His sensitivity in the emotional realms and changing of pressures of daily life will show how to move with high bursts of speed and endurance. Communication tact and the very power of words play an important part of what Marlin teaches. He shows what is on the surface is sometimes the best spiritual nourishment. Marlin shows how to be powerful and use mental or emotional acrobatics when needed. For clearing non conducive energies, it may take up to four times of repeated occurrences to heal. Past lives may be explored to find answers. Marlin shows balance of night and day with the moon playing an important part in the cycle. Be aware of the colors; blue, black, white or striped will lend more meaning to your encounter of this swiftly moving creature.

Marlin/Kijiki's Wisdom Includes:

  • Ability to shake off negative energy
  • Freedom fighter
  • Ability to pierce the shell of an enemy
  • Grand entrances
  • Tenacity
  • Bravery