Lobster, like Crab, shows how to keep protected on all levels; mental, spiritual, physical. He teaches guarding yourself with camouflage if needed along with balance and grounding. Progressing backward is sometimes needed to move forward, trust Lobster to show when and how to move into the next phase of your life. He will demonstrate how to use intuition and honing your senses. He gives you the skills to go deep into situations and hold on and/or let go if needed. Lobster's depth of feeling will show how to work together to meet all of your needs in work, home, family and friends; truth, honesty and openness will help heal. Feel the rhythm of life for when true comfort sets in creative potentialities will be born. Lobster medicine will help growth even if it means to leave the old behind.

Lobster's Wisdom Includes:

  • Concentration
  • Coordination
  • Understands when to follow not lead
  • Ability to transcend the mind/ego
  • The power of simplicity