These small creatures are close cousins to the snail and have many qualities of Snail that applies; pacing oneself, persistence, perseverance, focus, determination and strength. Pay close attention to your feelings and inner knowings. Limpet teaches flexibility and completion of endeavors along with balancing emotions and equalizing one's duality. Slowing down will bring balance and harmony and restore peace within. Are you or should you be more symbiotic with others? Are you eating a balanced diet? She teaches security, being anchored and securely attached to a thought, idea, concept or project. She aids in discerning which attachment is the most correct one for you. Limpet guides you home again to a safe secure atmosphere, your own unique place of being connected and grounded. When Limpet comes to you it offers an opportunity to show graceful balance in life as well as grounding attributes to make all things possible.