This small creature speaks of a time of purifying and detoxifying your life. Leech instills calmness with underlying activity still going on. Are you patient? Trust the process you cannot see. He directs you toward the Life force that gives strength and nourishment to your many faceted self. He teaches skills of being analytical, scientific and inventive. How are you using your skills and talents? He shows truth and knowledge of underlying esoteric wisdom. Solitary in nature, use this time to formulate a direction, a plan for the choices you must make. Leech helps balance independence with social situations to prevent isolation and mental apathy. Leech medicine will show how to manage sensitivities you may be experiencing.

Leech's Wisdom Includes:

  • Hermaphroditic (possesses both sexes)
  • Healer
  • Ability to alter the flow of life force energy
  • Simplicity
  • Movement connected to wave cycles