Kingfisher indicates a period of increased mental and spiritual activity. He will show how to manifest your destiny by listening to your intuition. Since psychic perceptions are increasing, he will instruct how to remain grounded in the earth and be comfortable in doing so. Take time for yourself in quite solitude connecting to Mother Earth. Grounding and centering is needed. Although he may be shy, he knows how to strike with determination. How are you using your "dagger-like bill"? He will teach the art of timing and when to act. Kingfisher demonstrates excellent visionary skills and will teach how track your "prey". He directs attention to feelings and what is unseen. Watch carefully what is going around you. Listen to your dreams and visions. He shows it is time for forward movement, letting go, forgiving the past. Kingfisher's medicine guides in seeing into the depths of emotions and into the un/subconscious. His lesson goes much deeper than what is on the surface. This is another opportunity to balance masculine and feminine energies. He aids communication and reaching higher spiritual energies along with the ability to express ideas with coherence. Take care of your upper energy centers for they will increase in sensitivity. Kingfisher presents a time of prosperity, love, warmth, and a new found peace of mind. The time period for Kingfisher is about a month of exploring and learning and another month of adapting the new energies. Pay attention to its color which correlates to the area in which to personally reflect upon.

 According to Greek legend, Ceyx and Halcyon were wed. Shortly thereafter Ceyx had to make a long voyage and he drowned during a storm. Halcyon waited for his return for months. Then one day his body washed ashore. In her grief she threw herself into the ocean. The gods were moved by her love and grief. She and her husband were turned into Kingfishers and were reunited in love and peace. The Gods then declared that from one week before the winter solstice through one week after it, the seas would be calm and sun would shine. This time of peace is called the "Halycon Days".

Kingfisher/Kookaburra's Wisdom Includes:

  • Connection to peaceful seas
  • Happiness and love
  • Peace
  • Indifference to surroundings
  • Clear vision through emotional waters
  • Ability to dive (focus) into emotional waters and catch ones dreams