Horse Fly

Horse Fly teaches lesson of development in all areas. It's the journey not the destinations that are important here. She helps ground oneself in nature by helping contemplate the earth, ground and mud will help. There is balance of emotions and the spiritual along with physical and mental. She demonstrates properties of spiritual healing and enlightenment with knowledge. She shows how to see with an earthly purity. She guides to opening up energy within the body to allow emotional - physical healing to take place. Meditating on the colors green and gold will aid in the connection to Horse Fly's messages. She teaches balance in truthfulness, which may sting and bite but they are truths nonetheless. Horse Flies can show how a group of 1 or 2 will aid in your journey. She shows attraction to shiny objects, emphasis on metallics and gems will help connect with her medicine. Horse Fly pairs its wisdom with livestock. Pay attention to its clues and the animal that presents itself with her. For example, if Horse Fly lands on Cow. The time period of Horse Fly's lessons shows up in stages. 1st major stage occurs within 5-9 days. The 2nd major stage spans the next 2-3 weeks. When happens in this latter stage can have long lasting effects for up to three years. Horse Fly will demonstrate adaptability while layers of the self are uncovered for much new and exciting potential. She shows that change is coming.