Teaches how to move gracefully through emotions along with balancing the spiritual and physical worlds, teaches tenacity, endurance, patience and practicality, demonstrates the power and wisdom of timing. Hippo balances and integrates physical earthly properties with watery emotional ones along with stability and strength of movement. Hippo shows how to look beneath the surface of appearances when needed, teaches to access intuition to speak your truths, demonstrates agility in movements to navigate the waters of life. Are you balancing the physical and spiritual? Are you listening to your intuitions and what your emotions are saying? Do you allow the daily world to override your feelings? Hippo can teach how to survive in the balance by providing stability and awareness to your feelings.

Hippopotamus's Wisdom Includes:

  • Proper use of aggression
  • Ability to move gracefully through emotions
  • Mother-fury when necessary
  • Birth of new ideas
  • Protection of family