One gets deep into areas of interests, building, studying and working for 2 years will show results. Dream time and altered states heightened, death and dying upon rebirthing, metabolic control. Is it time to awaken to your possibilities, dreams and ideas? Groundhog teaches tenacity and how to burrow within any area to fully engage in its experience. He teaches how to create boundaries and make them known, how to cleanse areas of life, and to bury the past and all things that no longer serve your purpose. Are you balancing the mind and heart, the spiritual and the physical, the mental and emotional? Groundhog/Woodchuck will guide in this skill and teach how to use your resources wisely and efficiently and will walk you through the rebirthing of awareness.


Woodchuck/Marmot/Ground Hog's Wisdom Includes:

  • Sense of family and community
  • Connection to seasonal changes
  • Understands the power of cycles
  • Ability to hibernate (sleep) during hard times
  • Protection from floods
  • Ability to go underground when trouble arises