Duck shows emotional comfort and protection. She teaches how to move with grace and comfort in actions, emotions and thoughts. Shes aids in balancing the mind and emotions - the physical and spiritual and discerning when to move while easing the transitions between the worlds. Is it time to be vocal or quiet? Let Duck guide in how to express oneself. She shows emotional strength that you may need at this time. She teaches quick and speedy movements for ideas to take flight. Duck will show new opportunities so be alert. She will also help filter out what is not needed, what is important and discern what is true. It is a good time to try new foods and flavors as tastes may be changing. She helps to drudge up the past - old patterns and behaviors, people and situations in order to heal them. The time period for Duck's lessons is about 28 days. Pay attention to the variety of colors of Duck for further insight.

Duck's Wisdom Includes:

  • Grace on water
  • Water energy
  • Seeing clearly through emotions
  • Spirit helper of mystics and seers