Cuttlefish teaches lessons of adaptability and maneuverability in situations along with the fine art of camouflage. In communication, she demonstrates seeing other viewpoints with compassion often taking on others ideas, thoughts and feelings. Polarities will teach discernment and awareness of the world around you. Communication may include light and color as well. Surround yourself with metallic colors; gold, silver, blues, greens. Is it time to fulfill or embark on writing or artistic endeavors? Cuttlefish medicine aids and balances the emotional realm along with increase perceptions including the polarization of light for sharp contrast. One of the unique key features she teaches is the power of intelligence and/or tapping into a higher intelligence. A period of education and learning is emphasized. Her internal shell, the cuttlebone, shows internal strength and nourishment as calcium is the key ingredient. How is your diet? Be confident in being yourself. Cuttlefish shows movement with grace and flare.

Cuttlefish's Wisdom Includes:

  • Use of color as communication
  • Changing colors regularly and often
  • Ability to transmute ones outer layer
  • Territoriality