Cuckoo shows the time is for new beginnings. Trust the inner self and your intuitions as his lessons are to look deeper for solutions. His diet is balanced with protein and fruits so be aware of your diet. Is it time to migrate or remain, time to be active or a time to rest? Cuckoo will show how to move at this time. Cuckoo shows how to maneuver through the physical world and to be more sensitive to other worlds. Pay attention to the eyes and care for them accordingly. Cuckoo also shows how to walk carefully by feeling vibrations. You may notice feet sensitivity as he attunes the senses. It may be a time for rest and relaxation, time alone to ponder the journey. He can teach tenacity to go the distance to reach the goals you are about to set.

Cuckoo's Wisdom Includes:

  • Efficiency
  • Adaptability
  • Symbol of Spring
  • New beginnings
  • Meeting ones fate