Crab shows how to keep protected on all levels; mental, spiritual, physical. She will show how to take hold of an idea to fully grasp the meaning. Are you holding on too tight or not tight enough? She will help you choose the action best for the moment. Sometimes lateral movement is better than no movement, trust her direction. Crab can teach to keep your emotions guarded as well as keeping your solar plexus energy center protected. Sensing the vibrations around you will aid in communication. She will show how to work together to meet all of your needs in work, home, family and friends. Feel the rhythm of life for when true comfort sets in creative potentialities will be born. Crab medicine will help growth even if it means to leave the old behind. If Crab is in fresh water, realize the freshness of your world. If Crab is salt water, it is time to add flavor to your life. She will teach much on guarding yourself but also the balance and movement you need to progress into the next phase.

Crab's Wisdom Includes:

  • Ability to escape by moving sidewise
  • Understanding the power of dance
  • Ability to move through water (emotions)
  • Male aspects of community
  • Finding new uses for the seemingly useless
  • Protection of home space