Clam teaches many aspects of balancing the mind, body and spirit. There are times to go within for answers, to find inner strength and resolve, to tap into deep emotions. There are times also to be more reserved, patient and tender. Clam will show when to move. Are you expressing emotions and thoughts or are you suppressing them? Do you need to dig deeper for answers? Clam can demonstrate the art of staying closed versus staying open in thoughts, emotions and perceptions. Clam shows how to use the rhythm and pulses of life and being aware of the natural cycles. Clam's lesson spans several months, so he will teach how to persevere with patience and perfect balance. In relationships or work and home, clam will help find this balance. Are you not exercising or exercising too much? Are words and actions too sharp or too soft? Do you find you are vivacious or calm? Clam will aid in finding harmony. He shows how to move toward the light and your inner truth rather than succumbing to the gravity of life. There are internal gifts and rewards with numerous future potentials in learning the balance of the vast array of feminine and masculine qualities. Clam medicine will show the dynamic balance between the internal and external worlds. There is great personal empowerment in what Clam can teach. Clam wants to know if you are ready for this? He will teach much about yourself.

Clam/Mussel's Wisdom Includes:

  • Ability to siphon energy
  • Living within the Earth
  • Balance
  • Symbiosis
  • Connection to mud
  • Going within