Chiton medicine is similar to Limpets in many ways. She teaches security, being anchored and securely attached to a thought, idea, concept or project. She aids in discerning which attachment is the most correct one for you. Chiton guides you home again to a safe secure atmosphere, your own unique place of being connected and grounded. When Chiton comes to you it offers an opportunity to show graceful balance in life as well as grounding attributes to make all things possible. These small creatures are also a close cousin to the snail and have many qualities of Snail that applies; pacing oneself, persistence, perseverance, focus, determination and strength. Physical knowledge, protectiveness and visual input play a part in what Chiton teaches. What is wonderfully unique about Chiton is the exceptional skill of communication in order to get spiritual, mental, emotional nourishment. She can show that working with crystals aids in heightened psychic and physical sensory abilities and perceptions.