Bobcat teaches that there is a time for solitude, learning to be alone but not lonely and a time for social balance. He shows how to keep confidences of those around you with a balance of inner and outer perceptions. Bobcat aids in tapping into the curiosity of the unseen world of secrecy, invisibility and hidden meanings for understanding spiritual mysteries of the path that is being traveled. Bobcat will offer protection and expertise of this path and lend its knowledge in maneuvering your developing natural internal power. Bobcat teaches the ability of being able to turn on/off creative forces in life. Always look for what is hidden on all levels and trust your senses for bobcat medicine is a powerful one with lessons on many levels.

Bobcat's Wisdom Includes:

  • Clear vision in dark places
  • Vigilance
  • Suspicion
  • Seeking ancient mystical mysteries
  • Ability to live in solitude
  • Ability to see through masks