Black Phoebe

Black Phoebe presents opportunities to socialize and be more active with others. She designates the balance between masculine and feminine energies; the power and strength of the sacred feminine as well as the delicate beauty of male expression. All is One. She demonstrates the art of timing for your emotional and spiritual nourishment. Black Phoebe illuminates underlying hidden knowledge and wisdom. This creates a more solid foundation to build upon. She aids in heightening the powers of observation in the stillness within. She teaches listening to the heart that attunes you with each beat. Listen, for it will propel you onward. Black Phoebe's medicine is about expressing yourself by balancing the heart and the joy it brings. She brings music to the soul as emotions are stirred. The time period for her lessons cover about a month with quick transitions. Within three to six days the process will start. The next two weeks sees the result come to fruition. Two weeks later her lessons are incorporated. Allow Black Phoebe to show you how to fly.